Monday, September 26, 2016

Diary of a Kindergartener 2016

James finished his first three weeks of real school. He had been assigned to the Frog table with Darin, Harper, Nicholas and Arielle. Today he announced that the tables had already been reshuffled and he's now at the Tiger table with Caris, Nicholas, and Emma.

Week 1 Sept. 6-9
Week 1- September 6-9

I asked him about his new friends after the first day. He told me, "Darin. I call him Dare-dare." And about another kid at his table, "Oh, I remember someone's name now, Harper. She's shy, shy like Cora." (A girl he went to preschool with.)

The second day, I asked him about gym class which is held in a multi-functional room auditorium/gym/cafeteria. "We had to stay on the lines because we might bump into the walls. I could smell pancakes."

Week 2 Sept. 12-16
Week 2- September 12-16

"Kindergarten was phenomenal today." - James, Thursday, 9/15

 Week 3 Sept. 19-23
Week 3- September 19-23

He has music, art, gym, and library class, and he comes home singing songs he insists he learned in gym class not music class (I believe him). He seems to have a little crew of friends he plays with: Darin, Caris, Harper, Nicholas, and Kyle- who like him plays video games on a Kindle or iPad.

PS. Lost his second tooth at school on Friday, possibly on the bus coming home.

September 2016

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