Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Auntie Dates! September 2016

While Ruth, Kathy, and I were at Jenny's shower, Aunt Nesie and Aunt Mary had little dates with the kids. Aunt Nesie and Uncle Steve took James to mini golf for the first time and reported that he loved it. They also took him to an especially yummy lunch afterwards.

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Aunt Nesie and James mini golfing

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Uncle Steve helping James with his stroke

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Pirate fun at mini golf!

Meanwhile, Aunt Mary and Kevin took James to the beach. I think the beach is Miranda's favorite place on earth, and she especially enjoys the freedom of the little pools of lowtide at Bayview Beach. 

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Miranda and Mary having fun!

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Lowtide pools at Bayview = best kid entertainment ever

Grandma is a hero too, and after the shower she took the kinds to the pond while Kevin and I had a few quick drinks.

Cape Cod- Fall 2016
Off to the pond...

Thank you Aunt Nesie, Aunt Mary, and Grandma Kathy! You guys are the best and the kids are so lucky to have you- as are we.

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