Monday, September 5, 2016

Backyard Project 2016

When we moved in a year ago, our backyard was a pretty big mess. The downside of living near the beach is that a lot of the soil in our town is actually sandy infertile ground that doesn't do grass very well. But we can't use the backyard that well if its dusty or sandy because whenever we send the kids out they come back in covered in dirt or mud. Also it doesn't look that nice.

The previous owners had an above ground pool and had given up on grass around the pool so they threw down wood chips to prevent weeds around the pool. They also left all the bricks that were around the pool, and the big hole. Also, the house was on the market a while, and by the time we actually moved in at the beginning of August, the yard had 40 large bags worth of leaves in it.

16 backyard 2
Before picture of the backyard (toys not included)

We did a tiny amount of work on it when we moved in, but there was a lot of other stuff going on when we moved in, as there always in when you move into a new house.

Jon & Becky Visit 2015
Also the fence was kind of bent.

By the time we looked up how to grow grass back there, it was no longer the ideal season to do so, ie. Spring or beginning of Fall. We did what we could, getting the leaves out, cleaning the plastic and bricks out. Bob helped us fix the fence. We hired someone to cut two dead trees that endangered our house.

August 2015
Leaf removal, August 2015

September 2015
Bob helps us fix the fence, September 2015

In Spring, we went to Japan, so two weeks ago we finally got started with the yard.

Backyard Before- August 2016

Backyard- August 2016
Raking up the woodchips

And we got dirt to fill in the yard generally and also the big hole from the pool. Our friend had recently grown grass in his yard and ordered 10 yards. When we spoke to the dirt place on the phone they suggested 8 yards, and since it was the smaller number we decided to go with that. We didn't actually understand how much dirt that was or that they would leave it in the front of our house not the back.

Backyard- August 2016
8 yards of dirt = Mt. Everest, delivered August 24

We got out our shovels and filled a wheelbarrow, took it to the back, dropped it, raked it, rinse, repeat, over and over again.

Backyard- August 2016

Backyard- August 2016
It's not child labor if you don't pay them!

Backyard- August 2016
Miranda putting little handfuls into the wheelbarrow. So proud!

Backyard- August 2016
Bring it to the back

Backyard- August 2016
Racking out the mound of dirt

Backyard- August 2016
The back is finished, a lot of wheelbarrows to rake...

Backyard- August 2016
Kids had a lot of fun getting filthy while I raked

Backyard- August 2016
Neverending dirt!

Backyard- August 2016
Finally rolling it down

Backyard- August 2016

Backyard- August 2016

Backyard- August 2016

One problem was that after we had put more dirt in our backyard than we ever could have dreamed of, is that we still had about 2 yards of dirt left in our driveway. (At least!) We listed it on Craigslist (Free dirt!) and we had four different guys come over and take the dirt. Hm.

August 2016
Too much left!

August 2016
August 31- Our long dirt pile nightmare is over!

Grass? 2016
A little bit of grass!!

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