Monday, January 31, 2011

26 Weeks, January 9-15, 2011

Milestones: Kevin built a little cradle that our friends passed down to us.  It makes the guest room look more like a baby room already. We're going to have to move the guest room upstairs soon.

The baby should be starting to open his eyes now, and might respond to light

What I miss the most: Not debating the best time to start feeding the baby solids. My mother: immediately. Me: 6 months-ish.
Craving: Grape juice. Keep it coming. It's baby wine.
Anti-craving: Anything I suspect might cause acid reflux.
Symptoms: Stuffy nose, bad acid reflux, a lot of trouble sleeping. My left knee is a little achy.  I sometimes see stars like I might pass out, but I don't actually feel like I might pass out. I looked it up and it seems like I might need to eat or drink more so I'm trying to drink plenty of water and spread out my eating.
Baby-size: Still an eggplant
Weight gain: 23

Cradle 2011
Baby cradle

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