Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandmother Mima Sick 2011

There will be no baby update today. I'm exhausted. It's been 8 weeks since my father passed away, and today we heard that my grandmother is in the hospital because she couldn't breathe.  We had been planning to fly her up to stay with us for a week after the baby came. Now it's not looking likely as it will depend on her treatment.

We're not sure what she has, but at a minimum she has emphysema, or possibly cancer.  She's fairly young at 76 for someone who is soon to be a great-grandmother, so she will probably take treatment well if it's emphysema, but it's a degenerative disease and you cannot get better.

She's a smoker, or was for most of her life, so this isn't unexpected so much as awful timing.    Doesn't seem like we get room to breathe around here. First my father passed away, something I am still struggling with every day. Then Kevin's father had a heart attack three weeks later, though he has recovered well. And now my grandmother is sick, which is probably too much for my mother to handle so soon after my dad.

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