Sunday, January 9, 2011

25 Weeks, January 2-8, 2011: Delaware Trip

Baby stuff first:

Milestones: There is a working theory that the baby can come when it's called now. This is of course, insanity, but you be the judge. Kevin first tried to get the baby to kick for him by calling him on New Years Day. He said something like, "Come here, son." Then about two days later, he tried again and it worked again. At this point I think Kevin decided to stop pushing his luck. Then Friday night, after my mother had spent a while trying to get the baby to kick for her, I said, "Trying calling him." As soon as I said it he kicked. We tried again Saturday morning and again it worked. So yeah, the baby is advanced.

What I miss the most: Lying on my stomach on top of Kevin. I can't even lie comfortable next to him on the couch because my belly kind of hangs off awkwardly. Hot.
Craving: I am milk.  Sometimes also crave ice  cream, or milk and cookies. Vinegar on food.
Anti-craving: Apple juice.
Symptoms: Stuffy nose, bad but short-lived acid reflux. I've had a lot of trouble sleeping this week. I sleep for about 3-4 hours, and something wakes me up and then I'm up for an hour or more before I can go back to sleep. There's no baby yet! How is this fair? Good news though, my left knee stopped hurting! Woo!
Baby-size: Eggplant
Weight gain: 20.5

The week began with me luxuriating in a hotel in Delaware while the boys made profitable sports bets at the casino, and promptly lost it all on craps. I earned my keep by taking this awesome photo:

Delaware 2011
The unbearable hotness of bears

If walking over 50 blocks in Manhattan was my stabymoon, then this was Kevin's bearmoon.

The rest of the week was fairly calm. Kevin started winter session classes on Tuesday , and I had dinner with Christina on Wednesday.

I finished out the week visiting my mother and packing up dad's books to take with me. Also, we had more snow in New Jersey... five inches on Friday! (On top of the only partially melted two feet of snow from last week.) Kevin and Jon came to pick me up and helped my mother get rid of a bunch of heavy stuff in her apartment. Thanks guys! You're the best.

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