Sunday, December 19, 2010

22 Weeks, December 12-18, 2010

Thinking about my dad at the beginning of the week was especially difficult. It feels strange that three weeks out I was more upset than even immediately after, probably because the shock and disbelief is wearing off.

As I kind of got a grip mid-week, we got news that Kevin's father had a heart attack. He had a pacemaker put in though, and he should be fine now.

We bought a Christmas tree and I decorated it this weekend.  Baby Clou kicked a lot when I decorated the tree, probably because of all the bending at the waist that I was doing.  Brady also visited this weekend bringing with him a little good cheer (good for all of us) and Belgian beer (good for Kevin).

Brady Visits 2010
Kevin and Brady debating everything, as usual

Milestones: Baby is kicking and punching at the same time, doing flips more often, and maybe paying attention to outside noise?
What I miss the most: (New category from Chrissy's blog! Previously unneeded...) Sleeping on my right side without acid reflux, sleeping without a stuffy nose, sleeping without backache, a working knee. Also Baileys Irish Cream Liquor!
Craving: Apple juice, mango juice, Baileys Irish Cream Liquor (no, I haven't had any), beef
Anti-craving: Nothing, not even the stuff that ultimately gives me acid reflux, how is that helpful?
Symptoms: At the beginning of the week I had super evil acid reflux, my nose was so stuffy I could only breath through my mouth, and sleeping was super difficult, and my left knee still hurt a lot. By the end of the week those symptoms had subsided a lot, but I know they'll be back, and probably get worse.
Baby-size: Papaya
Weight gain: 18ish

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