Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Past 2004-2009

Some Christmas pictures with our family from the last six years.

Christmas Eve 2004
Christmas Eve 2004 with my parents

Christmas 2004
Christmas 2004 with my brother and grandmother

Christmas 2005
Christmas Eve 2005 with my parents

Christmas Eve 2006
Christmas Eve 2006 with my parents

Christmas Eve 2006
Christmas Eve 2006, my last Christmas photo with both of my parents

Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007 with Kevin's family

Christmas Week 2007
Just after Christmas 2007 with Grandma Shute

Cville Engagement Party 2008
Parents visiting Charlottesville after Christmas 2007

Sterns' Holiday Party 2008
Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
Christmas on the Cape with Grandpa George and Uncle Dickie, 2008

Christmas 2008
Kevin gifting Grandma Ruth (Andrew and Katie sipping wine), 2008

Christmas 2008
With Kevin's mom and cousin Chris, 2008

Parents Visit Brooklyn 2009
Parents visiting Brooklyn shortly after Christmas 2008

I wrote about Christmas last year, here are some of my favorite photos again:

Holidays 2009
Kevin and his brother Andrew in NYC 2009

Christmas Eve 2009
Our first married Christmas at my parents in 2009

Christmas Eve 2009
My parents, Christmas 2009

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