Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Two Snow Days 2016

We had more snow on Friday, a little stickier this time and less fluffy. James had no preschool which they posted on Facebook so at least we didn't even get out of pajamas for hours and hours. We tried to make the best of it and turned Friday into Fun Family Snow Day. Kevin didn't have work on Friday anyway, and I know that's not cause for complaint... but you know.

February 2016
Kids got to play a little outside

February 2016
James went sledding near the house.

Everything was plowed in time for soccer on Saturday too so that was good. Sunday we watched Super Bowl 50 which was also fun. By "we watched the Super Bowl" what I actually mean is: Kevin watched the Super Bowl while I read Facebook, then I watched the commercials and halftime show while Kevin checked his text messages from his guy friends hating on the halftime show, and then Kevin finished watching the Super Bowl while I ate some ice cream.

But then Monday, when it was time for school again there was a little bit of snow falling out of the sky... and school was cancelled again. Something they not only neglected to tell us on any number of available services- email, text, or Facebook, but which they in fact denied when I called.
    Me: I just called to see if you're open today.
    Woman at school: Yes, we are.
    Me: Okay, thanks!
Then when we dressed James and Kevin brought him to school they denied the denial, claiming a snow day. James was already dressed and excited for school, so this went over poorly with him. This is a extra sad when you pay for preschool.    

Monday snow day
Poor Super Bowl reaction + Monday Snow Day = meme

But anyway, we're good on snow days right now. It snowed again today a little, but thankfully nothing was cancelled. I'm going to turn my pajamas outside out (the normal way) and do the no-snow-days-dance.

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