Friday, February 19, 2016

Grandma Kathy's Birthday 2016

Grandma Kathy was here for the weekend. On Saturday, she went to see James play soccer, and she watched the kids so Kevin and I could go out for Valentine's dinner. On Sunday/Valentine's Day we all celebrated Kevin's birthday together and she enlisted the kids in baking a big chocolate cake for his birthday. Grandma's birthday is tomorrow but we wanted to celebrate while she was here, so we celebrated Grandma's birthday with brunch Monday morning before she left (really Kevin's birthday).

Kevin's 26th Birthday
Miranda, Kevin, and Kathy

Grandma wanted to go out with* the kids which is not something we understood, but honored. We ate at the Flying Pig Cafe, and there were a lot of "Chinese fire drills." First I put both of the kids in the booth with me so that Kevin and Kathy could actually enjoy their birthday brunch. Just a few minutes later as Miranda was pouring apple juice into my lap, our coats, and straight into my darkening soul, my phone slipped from my lap and the front glass broke. So then Kevin confiscated Miranda to his lap.

Broken iPhone 2014-2016

Kevin's 26th Birthday
I'm not sad because no pictures were lost in the phone breakage
(Also because the 5s is free with my plan now.)

But then, James wanted to sit with Grandma, Miranda wanted to switch to my side and eat my food or at least spill hers onto my lap. So switch!

Kevin's 26th Birthday
Grandma and James

Kevin's 26th Birthday
Me, Kevin, and Miranda

Happy birthday Grandma! Sorry you had a tough drive back!

February 2016
Bonus picture of Grandma at soccer practice

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