Monday, February 22, 2016

Power Outage 2016

Last Tuesday, while Kevin was at work we had some rain and strong winds that knocked our power out. About 13,000 people lost power in Long Island and 35,000 in New Jersey. Luckily it was unseasonably warm the day before so I wasn't too worried about freezing, plus we have a fireplace now.

We were also stocked with all sorts of flashlights, candles, and radios, from our days of constantly losing power in Floral Park. The kids also have battery-powered light up toys, so we were generally excited about the power outage. Kevin brought home pizza for dinner, and just as he went out to get some more firewood, our power came back on for bedtime. So basically, more of a fun diversion for us than an actual inconvenience.

Power Outage 2016
Miranda with the real flashlight, James with the kids' lanterns

Power Outage 2016
Cheshire Cat photo

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