Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kevin's 36th Birthday 2016

We celebrated Kevin's birthday on the Sunday the 14th because Grandma was here and we mostly celebrated Valentine's the day before. Kevin slept in two days in row!* We stayed home, had many costume changes, relaxed. I made dinner and Grandma and James made Kevin a chocolate birthday cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

Kevin's Birthday 2016
Singing Happy Birthday!

Kevin's Birthday 2016
Blowing out the candle with help

Kevin's Birthday 2016

Kevin's Birthday 2016
Earlier today, post-frosting-making

Happy birthday to the BEST husband, father, and son! (...And brother and teacher and writer basically the best at everything he attempts...) We love you even more than we love chocolate frosting, which is a lot.

*My sweet husband wakes up with the kids most days.

Update: Kevin also went out on Friday to the Magician with Jon, Nick, and Emily.

February 2016
Kevin and Jon

February 2016
Emily and Nick

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