Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brady Visits- June 2012

Last weekend, Kevin and I wanted to go to Belmont like we did last year, but we didn't have a babysitter, so Kevin said I could go with my friends Christina, Sarah, and Sarah's family. But then Christina heard back from an awesome new job that started right away, so she couldn't go. So I suggested that Kevin go with his friends.  Then the horse that was a contender for the Triple Crown scratched, and no one was interested anymore.  Belmont is close to where we live, but it's not the most glamorous horse race. Well, it is, in that famous people attend and you can go play paparazzi for a day, but it's not, in that the stadium itself is more "off-track-betting" than it is "church hats." Not that there's a shortage of church hats there.

Anyway, Brady came to town, and the guys went to check out the Brooklyn Brewery, and then they took the party to Manhattan. On Sunday, Brady and Briggs hung out with the three Clous, the New York Times, and baseball. Brady got James started on an iPhone addiction.  Ah, we've missed having Brady around here.

Brady Visits 2012
Brady shows James the iPhone

Brady Visits 2012
James goes "touch touch" iPhone

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