Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BBQ, Blueprint, and Beauty Bar in Brooklyn 2012

Apparently we were in a "B" mood! After my recent BBQ tour, Kevin suggested that what we needed was more BBQ. We're planning on going this weekend, but since Michele can't make it this weekend, she suggested a BBQ place she likes.  So yes, I made plans to have BBQ for two weekends in a row in New York. No, I am never going to lose the baby weight. But I digress.

Anyway, our plans soon swelled to include Jaime, who decided to visit last minute, and Allison who's plane was diverted to New York, and Michele's friend Yianice, who was around and wanted BBQ. We started at Fort Reno in Park Slope, where the drinks were strong and the big star of the show was the "Hot Mess," a BBQ parfait.  If you're wondering what on earth that means, it's corn bread, pulled pork, mac and cheese, beans, hot peppers layered in a glass jar.  I didn't get it but in retrospect, it's definitely what you should get.  I liked my dish enough that I ruined my dress with BBQ stains. Sad.

Park Slope- June 2012
Jaime, me, Yianice, Michele, and Allison

Then we moved on to Blueprint, a vaguely snooty-hipstery bar with a cute patio.  For some reason I thought I was woman enough to order an old-fashioned.  I drank it, but I think that might be my last one for a while. Sadly, Allison had to leave to catch her flight, but at least I get to see her in Maine in a few weeks so my sadness was somewhat contained. Then we went to my favorite place on the impromptu bar crawl, Beauty Bar. For $10 you get a yummy cocktail and a manicure. There are so many reasons I loved this place.

Park Slope- June 2012
Me and Jaime showing off our manicures.

First, when Michele described the place, I thought it would just be women in the bar. This was not so. It's a real bar and it was full of men and women.  Second, the drinks were the best of the three places we went. Third, the servers and the woman who did the manicure were all extremely nice and attentive. Don't forget, this is New York! That never happens. Finally, they had a huge projector playing a movie with the subtitles on and decent music playing.  It just so happened to be Jaime's favorite movie from the 90's or 00's. She was pretty psyched.

Park Slope- June 2012
Michele's halo is visible in this shot

Park Slope- June 2012
Jaime, me, Michele, Yianice at Beauty Bar

I am not going to talk about how Jaime and I missed our stop on the train back to Long Island. Nope. That didn't happen. Yay, girls' night!

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