Monday, June 18, 2012

Jones Beach with Jaime 2012

Jaime came to visit and she's a big fan of the beach so we went to Jones Beach State Park. We're lucky that we have the most popular beach on the East Coast just 20 minutes from home. Since it's 10 miles long, it's not even that crowded

The last time we went to Jones Beach with Jaime was two years ago, and I was secretly pregnant and too tired to walk very far along the shoreline. She probably thought I was the most out of shape person in the world.

Jones Beach 2012
Me and Jaime at Jones Beach this weekend

This time we went by ourselves first and had a little bit of adult conversation time before Kevin and James joined us. Once James arrived the name of the game was tag.  We had to chase him to keep him from eating everything on the beach or attempting to go home with strangers. When we took him to the ocean he loved it.  Then he took a step away from us, wiped out, ate sand and ocean, and didn't like it so much anymore.

Jones Beach 2012
Yay! Atlantic Ocean!

Jones Beach 2012
I can do this by myself!

Jones Beach 2012
No, no, I can't.

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