Thursday, June 28, 2012

Northeast Roadtrip 2012!

I know what you're thinking: these people are crazy. Yep. After the last roadtrip, James was sick for a week and started waking up an hour earlier every single morning. The only defenses I have are that this trip will be much shorter, we got him a new bigger comfier car seat to make the driving more pleasant, and that there's another wedding celebration involved. We try really hard not to miss weddings. So far, only Massachusetts and Maine are on the itinerary, but we'll see. 

Here's a fun dose of irony, thanks to our friends Wendy and Clark. They sent this cute outfit for James's birthday in response to our Southest Roadtrip blog posts.

James at 14 Months 2012
Yes, James, roadtrips are awesome.

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