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James's 6th Birthday Interview 2017

Easter 2017

Interview, 4/24/17
What's your name? James.
What's my name? Ericka. What do you call me? Mama.
What's my husband's name? Dada. 
You know his real name too? Uh-huh. Kevin.
How old are you? Five. I mean, six.
How old do you think I am? Thirty-eight.
How old is Dada? Thirty-seven.
How old is Miranda? Three.

What is your favorite food? Pasta.
    What's your favorite breakfast? Oatmeal and yogurt.
    What's your favorite lunch? Peanut butter & jelly.
    What's your favorite dinner? Chicken nuggets and pasta.

What is your favorite animal? Dog.
What is your favorite color? Blue and green.
What is your favorite book? Sideways Stories (from Wayside School)

What is your favorite song? I don't know.
What is your favorite toy? My kindle.
Do you sleep with any toys at night? Fudgie. 
What is your favorite game? Chess.
What's your favorite sport? Swimming.

Home vs. Tin Caps 2017
Does not like t-ball.

What is your favorite show? Miraculous Lady Bug.
Which is your favorite movie?  Zootopia.

Are you funny? Yes.
How do you know? Because I always be silly. (Said in crazy witch voice.)

Who is your best friend? Kyle.
Do you like school? Yes.
What do you like about school? Computers.
Who are your teachers? Mr. Jackowski and Miss Maloney. And do you know what rhymes with Miss Maloney?
Baloney? Yes!

April 2017
With his best friend Kyle.

Do you love me? Yes! 
Do you love Dada? Yes! 
Do you love Miranda? Yes!

What does it mean that you love someone? That you really like them a lot.

Do you want to get married one day? Yes.
What do you think the person that you marry should be like? Um, pretty. A girl. 
Is that it? Do you think she just needs to be pretty and that's it? Yeah and a girl. 
What if she's mean? Oh, and not mean, and nice.

What's your favorite thing about Grandma? She's nice. Gave me a lot of candy.
What's your favorite thing about Nana? That she's nice.
What about Bob? That he plays games with me.

PJFL Pro Pics 2017
James and Kevin

What do you want to want to be when you grow up? A magician.
How come? Well, because they're sort of magical.
Do you know what Dada/s job is? He gets money.
What does he do to get money? I don't know.

What do you like better the beach, the library, the Aquarium, or the playground? The beach.
How come? Well if the ocean's not cold, we can go in it. And we can throw rocks in the ocean.

What do you like to do with Dada? Play chess.
What do you like to do with Mama? Read Sideways Stories with you and cuddle with you.
What do you like to do with Miranda? I like when she watches me play Scribble Hero.
What do you like to play with Grandma? The French Game, and it's also Spanish and England. Oh yeah Italian, French and Spanish. (Duolingo)
What do you like to play with Nana? I don't know.
What do you like to play with Bob? Chess.

What else do you think I should ask? I don't know.

Okay last one, what do you think the meaning of life is? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling.

PJFL Pro Pics 2017
Love you so much, buddy.

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