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Miranda's 3rd Birthday Interview 2017

Home vs. Tin Caps 2017
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Interview, 4/24/17
What's your name? Miranda Clou-fer
What's my name? Mama
What's my husband's name? Dada. 

How old are you? Um, two.
Aren't you three? Oh, free, I think.
How old do you think I am? Um, I don't know.
How old is Dada? Um, I don't know. Is he two? 
I'm 38, and Dada is 37. How old Jame is? 
6. How old Grandma is? 
Hey, are you interviewing me now? How old great-grandma is?

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is oatmeal. (But I asked again later and she said, I think yogurt.)
What's your favorite breakfast? I think oatmeal I said.
What's your favorite lunch? Just carrots.
What? Are you a bunny? I don't eat bunnies! Yuck!
Don't you like sandwiches for lunch? Peanut butter sandwich but not cheese in it. (Peanut butter & jelly sandwich, not a cheese sandwich)
What's your favorite dinner? I think, orange juice, I think. Actually, I think I like milk for dinner. (Usually does not cooperate with eating dinner unless it's mac n' cheese or pizza, but we make her eat a lot of chicken.)

April 2017
Helping herself to clementines.

What is your favorite animal? I think Lambie.
What is your favorite color? Um, I think, pink!
What is your favorite book? Um, I think Caterpillars ones. (She makes me read Doc McStuffins books almost every night.)

What is your favorite song? I know which one, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star one.
What is your favorite toy? I think Lambie.
Do you sleep with any toys at night? Well, I think Doc McStuffins and Lambie. (Toys she sleeps with rotate. But she did recently sleep with them.) 
What is your favorite game? I think naked run!
What's your favorite sport? Find eggs outside. (Egg hunt with grandma.)
Well, do you like t-ball, soccer, running, or swimming? I think I like swimming most.

April 2017
Maybe she'll come around on t-ball because she's got a great arm.

What is your favorite show? I think Doc McStuffins. 
Which is your favorite movie?  I like Doc McStuffins ones. (There is no Doc McStuffins movie. She likes Room on the Broom and the original Ghostbusters best.)

Are you funny? No, you are funny.
How do you know? Cuz you are. Cuz you are silly I think.

March 2017
She is funny. 

Who is your best friend? Grandma is.

Grandma Visit- March 2017
With her bestie.

Do you love me? Yes! 
Do you love Dada? Yes! 
Do you love James? Yes!

What do you think love means? I think love means, I love you.
Do you want to get married one day? Yes.
What do you think the person that you marry should be like? Um, I don't know.

What's your favorite thing about Grandma? I think I love her.
But what do you like about her? When she gets my toys.
What's your favorite thing about Nana? I like when she visits. She justs puts makeup on me. (Took me a long time to understand her word for "visit.")
What about Bob? What I like about Bob, I like when he visits.

J and M Birthday 2017
Nana and Miranda's new makeup set

What do you like to do with Dada? Play games with him.
What do you like to do with Mama? Love you and play checkers with you. (I have never played checkers with her. Though we have done some Candyland.)
What do you like to play with James? I play with him.
But what do you play? Cuz I don't want to play Castle of Illusion, just doctor. (Castle of Illusion is a Kindle Disney game.)

PJFL Pro Pics 2017
Good buddies.

What do you like to play with Grandma? Play doctors.
What do you like to play with Nana? I don't know. 
What about makeup? Oh, I like to do makeup but Nana puts the makeup on me.

What do you like to play with Bob? I don't know. 
What about the tent? Did Bob go in the tent? I don't know about that.

J and M Birthday 2017
Bob playing with Miranda in the tents

What do you want to want to be when you grow up? I think, a doctor I think.
How come? Cuz, I want to help everyone, I guess.
Do you know what Dada's job is? What? (I explained. Maybe she'll know next year.)

What do you like better the beach, the library, the aquarium, or the playground? I think the playground.
How come? Cuz, I love to be out there.

What else do you think I should ask? Oh, what? Why Grandma gets toys for me?
Okay, why do you think Grandma gets toys for you? Cuz she loves me.

Okay last one, what do you think the meaning of life is? What do you think life is for? For rescuing someone.

PJFL Pro Pics 2017
The little one is a wise and I love her so much.

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