Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meeting Great Grandma Ruth 2014

Cape Cod- June 2014
Great-grandma and Miranda meet for the first time!

We left home between 9:30  and 10 pm because Miranda hates the car so much, we figured our best bet was if we drove during her bedtime.  Our plan worked in that Miranda slept for most of the ride, but it was unideal in that James thought traveling in the middle of the night was amazing and wouldn't sleep. We got in at 2:30 which was great, but of course Kevin had to assemble the kids' beds while I fed Miranda, so we got to bed later than that.

Of course, James still got up before 7, so after giving him breakfast, Kevin delivered him to Grandma. They had an awesome morning at the Pond while Kevin went back to sleep and I fed Miranda all morning long.

At last, we took Miranda to meet Great-Grandma! She ran out to the car to see her just like she'd done with James.

Cape Cod- June 2014
James at the pond with Grandma

Cape Cod- June 2014
Trucks in the water! Sure, why not?

Cape Cod- June 2014
Grandma Kathy and Miranda hanging out

Cape Cod- June 2014
James at Great-grandma's

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