Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sarah and Aaron's Wedding 2012

Weiner Wedding 2012
Aaron and Sarah during their wedding ceremony

Sarah and Aaron got married! What a lovely and fun wedding!  The wedding was Jewish so they did the processional in the Jewish style where both parents walk the bride and the groom down the aisle.  I love this anyway, but Aaron and his awesome parents, Janice and Ron, dance-shuffled up the aisle with Aaron. Sarah could see from behind the doors. Sarah looked beautiful coming up the aisle. I didn't take a picture, because believe it or not, sometimes even I need to put the camera down for a second and enjoy the moment.  I remember how much I loved walking down the aisle and seeing my friend's and family's faces, and I always want that moment for other brides.  But... I only put the camera down for a second.  After Sarah passed me, I did manage to get the look on Aaron's face.

Weiner Wedding 2012
Aaron looking at Sarah come up the aisle

The rabbi was really phenomenal, and the best rabbi I have ever seen perform a ceremony.  She explained the faith and traditions well, and more importantly she really captured some of Aaron and Sarah's best qualities and what they love about one another when she talked about them. I love that the rabbi shared that Aaron said Sarah is smarter than him, and I love that Sarah shook her head no.  If they both think the other person is smarter, they are off to a great start in their marriage with a foundation of respect for one another.

Weiner Wedding 2012
Aaron and Sarah exchanging vows.

The reception was a lot of fun, possibly because they harnessed the fun of UVA Law (where they met) by decorating in the UVA colors, blue and orange, and invited tons of UVA Law graduates. At one point some of the UVA Law people got the Thriller dance going on the dance floor. It was very impressive.

Weiner Wedding 2012
Aaron and Sarah with their good friends from law school, Caitlin and Jared

The hora was a little restrained because Sarah is a little feather of a woman and they practically tossed her to the ceiling, so she decided to celebrate on the ground.

Weiner Wedding 2012
The hora, before they launched Sarah to space

The food was great. I am not just saying that to politely mention the food, I am saying it because as someone who has now attended 35 weddings, I can easily rank their food at the top of the list, maybe tied with another 2-3 weddings. The cake was also delicious. I will not confirm or deny that I may have eaten two pieces.

Weiner Wedding 2012
The cake topper was otters: "Aaron likes otters because they hold hands
when they sleep, so they won't lose each other." - Sarah. So sweet!

Sarah was a year below me in law school, but I met her my 1L year when she came to visit and decide whether or not to attend the school.  Aaron, you're welcome for not scaring her away.  Or maybe she wasn't scared away despite me and my friends. Yes, that's probably more accurate.  Either way, Sarah and I became fast friends, and my 3L year we took a Spring Break cruise that was easily my best Spring Break ever.  She was my roommate and travel buddy through Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.  We've also had some adventures in New York. Unfortunately, she only started dating Aaron after I graduated law school so I never got a chance to get to know him.  Based on what I learned about Aaron from attending the wedding, here are some of the qualities they share: they are both smart, confident, and extremely fun-loving.  I am pretty sure that's more than enough to be amazing people in an amazing marriage.

Weiner Wedding 2012
Cake-cutting: Aaron started the cake-on-the-nose game, but Sarah won!

Of course, I know a lot more about Sarah from our six years as friends.  She is kind, and warm, and joyful in a way that's pure and very unique to her.  To explain this, let me tell you that she was actually the first friend I called when Kevin and I got engaged.  She moved to Charlottesville right at the time when Kevin and I started dating, and she heard all my happy reports of our early dates (while she and I were petting goats at some ridiculous local fair we went to together). I called her after we got engaged because I knew she would say all the right things, and because I believed that she would be happy for me in a totally unselfish way even though she wasn't dating anyone at the time.  I bet on the right girl.

There's something else I learned about Aaron at the wedding. Aaron's a cocky guy-- and good for him-- and marrying Sarah is definitely another reason to be self-congratulatory.  What a wise and rewarding choice.  If you become more like your spouse as the years go by, what more would anyone want to be than pure in your joyfulness?

Weiner Wedding 2012
Dancing together, and so happy


Julie {Sarah's Sister} said...

I tripped over this on Facebook - Erica! What a wonderful post! I can't wait for Sarah and Aaron to be home to read this! She will totally cry :) Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE OTTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always said to Jim that since we couldn't keep this other animal whose name escapes me otter would be perfect in our tub!!!!!!!! What a great choice!

Dana D said...

Sarah's a friend of mine from high school, so I found your recap via FB. This was such a sweet and thoughtful summary of their day. Thank you so much for this! I hope Sarah sees it.

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