Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day in NC 2012

We got to spend Mother's Day with Audra and Rob which was lovely. I got up late thanks to my wonderful husband. James refused to sleep from 2 am- 5 am, and Kevin handled all of it, and then took care of him when he got up as well. I slept until James got up from his first nap of the day!

Mother's Day with the Padgets 2012
Celebrating Mother's Day together!

Audra made french toast casserole for breakfast which is as awesome as it sounds. I think this might need to be a new Mother's Day tradition for me from now on. This was the first Mother's Day Audra was able to spend playing with her baby boy, since last year he was still in her pregnant belly. It was nice to spend the day with them and Rob. And Carter decided to take his first step as his Mother's Day gift! He did it while both his mom and dad were watching and then sat down.

Visiting the Padgets 2012
Getting some Carter-snuggling time

Visiting the Padgets 2012
James is a big fan of playing with Audra

We went for a nice walk around their pretty neighborhood, and we even took their two dogs, Levy and Lilly. James LOVES dogs, and even though he didn't get a chance to play with them, he spent most of the walk giggling because he thought the dogs were funny. Or maybe he was fantasizing about yanking their wiggling tails.

Visiting the Padgets 2012
Fur-baby Levy

Visiting the Padgets 2012
Fur-baby Lilly

We left in the afternoon because I was going to Sarah and Aaron's wedding in Charlotte and staying at a hotel closer to the wedding that night, but I didn't really want to leave because I had so much fun and felt so pampered. Thank you Padgets! Come to New York! We miss you already!

Mother's Day 2012
This Mother's Day photo appropriately captures our relationship

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