Thursday, May 24, 2012

SE Roadtrip Day 7: Visiting Trey and Sunny in Jacksonville, FL 2012

We ventured a bit farther south to see Trey and Sunny's family. Trey is Kevin's close friend from high school in Florida, and they only get to see each other occasionally.  We were excited to finally meet Trey and Sunny's 9-month old son Cort.  James enjoyed Cort's company and his toys as they played together fairly quietly and grabbed things out of each others hands without too much fuss. Trey took the day off from work to spend with us, so the four guys spent the morning having guy time, as Sunny was at work and I was asleep.

Visiting the Csar Family 2012
Cort and James hanging out together

Once I got up the boys and I went for a long walk around Trey's neighborhood and two of the downtown areas in Jacksonville.  Interesting little fact, Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the United States, so there is a lot of sprawl, and quite a few "downtown areas."  We went to meet Sunny for lunch at a local pizzeria, where Kevin enjoyed torturing James by feeding him lemons. Despite the look on his face, James requested more lemon.

Visiting the Csar Family 2012
The boys strolling around the neighborhood

Jacksonville, FL 2012
The Five Points downtown area

Visiting the Csar Family 2012
James actually loves lemons

The boys had more playtime after lunch, though James was a little more interested in chasing their dog Friday than in any other activities or toys. Trey and Sunny generously arranged for a babysitter to watch Cort and James while we went out on an adult double-date to a restaurant for dinner.  So we gave the boys a bath before heading out, and the babysitter put them to bed shortly after we left.

Visiting the Csar Family 2012
James and Cort playing with Friday

Visiting the Csar Family 2012
The dads gave them a bath, and they thought it was funny to label them "J" and "C"

I really enjoyed dinner! We went to Mojo 41 and had our third BBQ of the trip, as well as brisket and grits. They had different sauces on the table we could try with the BBQ which as fun. My favorite sauce was the house sauce, Mojo.  The drinks were especially delicious. By far my favorite part was hanging out with Trey and Sunny and just talking.  (Not to mention -- without the constant stress of trying to keep James from either killing himself or annoying other patrons.) Plus, we rarely go out on double dates and I had forgotten how much fun they are.  We talked about the kids, but we also talked about travel, work, and friends.  I wish we could have stayed out much longer, but sadly it was a work night for Trey and Sunny.  Thank you guys for a fun-filled day and evening!

Visiting the Csar Family 2012
Kevin, me, Trey, and Sunny at Mojo 41

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