Friday, May 25, 2012

SE Roadtrip Day 8: Savannah, GA 2012

Savannah, Georgia is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. She's romantic, clean, polite, and charming at every turn.  It's easy to fall for her, especially if you start in Forsyth Park, with it's lush greenery and Spanish moss. We started there and let James run around the playground for a while before we tortured him with tons of photos in front of the Forsyth fountain.

Savannah, GA 2012
Clous in front of the Forsyth Fountain

Savannah, GA 2012
Forsyth Park

Savannah, GA 2012
Thanks a lot, boys. (In front of the Confederate Memorial.)

Then we took a very long leisurely walk through different squares in the city, which are really more like small parks than European-style squares.  I think there are 21 total in Savannah, and we went through about 6-9 of them.

Savannah, GA 2012
Another method of travelling around Savannah

We plotted our course to lead us to Walls BBQ, which is basically a BBQ shack in the middle of nowhere that's received high praise from the New York Times.  This was our 4th BBQ of the trip (!) and it did not disappoint at all.  The pork sandwich sauce tasted a bit more like tomato sauce and mustard than a more traditional southern BBQ flavor, but it was juicy, meaty, and delicious. We also got a yummy side of okra and tomatoes, so we could expand our range of BBQ cuisine and get some vegetables into our bodies.

Savannah, GA 2012
James can be bought for some burger bun and okra

Savannah, GA 2012
Outside of Walls, happy from all the yummy BBQ

On our way out of Savannah, we hit a vaguely collegy-hipsterish coffee shop, leading us to believe that the hipsters have a serious foothold in the South. The Sentient Bean had a yummy coffee that had some licorice-like flavor to it. Good parks, good BBQ, and good coffee-- we're sold on Savannah.


michele L said...

i have such a crush on savannah!

eralon said...

Me too!

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