Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Cookout 2010

Mad Men BBQ
When we moved to the suburbs and started having unironic conversations about tax breaks and parking, we knew we would need to do something redemptive, like holding long cookouts with hundreds of beers and scores of hamburgers and sausages.

On Sunday lots of fun, sexy people welcomed our new backyard with good company and laughing and fights about where to acquire the best pastrami. I'm proud to say all five boroughs were represented, as well as Philadelphia, Long Island, and probably other places. Michele and Briggs celebrated their 31st birthdays without even a little crying! Then, when it got really dark and we finished listening to The Chronic, we watched the characters in Mad Men act even worse than the worst-behaving people at the barbecue, which was frankly a little disappointing. Maybe next time.

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