Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daily Show 2010

We went to the Daily Show! Thanks so much to our patrons Jon Stern and Becky Smith who decided they had better things to do than enjoy hilariousness. Kevin lined up two hours before show time, and Brian, Akua, and I rolled up at the last minute because the tickets say you can do that. Kevin also played the part of Stern in getting us into the event because theoretically you should have the person named on the ticket with you. We were a little nervous about that one.

Daily Show 2010
The blurry long line at the Daily Show

We went to the May 12th episode. Jon Stewart is pretty funny even off camera which is nice to know. During the writers strike of 2007-08, I was starting to suspect that he really depends on his writing staff. One of his funniest jokes had to be cut out of the broadcast because it depended on an off-camera set up. During the off-camera warm-up, someone in the audience commented that they were traumatized when John Oliver came to their college and spent most of his comedy routine discussing his father's penis. Stewart responded that it's all Oliver ever talks about. Then during Stewart's back and forth with Oliver about David Cameron being elected Prime Minister, out of nowhere, Stewart zings him with crack about his dad's penis. The audience erupted with exuberant laughter, and the video editors had to figure out how to slice it all out.

Michael Patrick King
Michael Patrick King, Director of Sex in the City 2

The interview with Stewart's the director of the horrible Sex in the City sequel was a bust. But Lewis Black, who I rarely find to be funny, stole the episode with his attack of Glenn Beck and the Arizona's new immigration law. Please watch it, aside from being hilarious, it details in just under 6 minutes what a horrifyingly scary and dangerous network Fox News is-- ironically dangerous to democracy. Good times though!

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