Friday, May 14, 2010

Raiza and Millie Visit NYC 2010

My long-lost second cousin and I recently got in touch thanks to the internet. She was in town so my mother and I met up with her and her partner Millie. I don't have any biological aunts or uncles or cousins so I was excited to meet with her and we seem to have lots in common. I sort of automatically starting thinking of her as an aunt rather than a cousin. My mother's mother and her mother were sisters.

We went to dinner at my favorite Cuban restaurant in the city, Guantanamera (though it gets really loud once the band starts). My mother was mortified at my choice, "They live in Miami!" Well, it was the correct theme for the evening, and my "rabo encendido" was perfection.

Raiza and Millie Visit NYC 2010
Raiza, my mom, me, and Millie

HortensiaRamona M. Fernandez Rivero
Sisters Hortensia and Ramona

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