Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bachelor Parties Woo! 2010

For all the things my wife complains about, you would think she would object to my attending three bachelor parties in fifty days, but she doesn't complain about this. To her everlasting credit, she understands how important it is for me and my Brown College friends to gather every few weeks to eat steaks and ride inflatable water slides.

Cory's bachelor party was in Vegas during the first weekend of March Madness. As a result of unspeakable hours of gambling preparation, I won 9 of 11 basketball games. As a result of unspeakable numbers of Manhattans, I went on a remarkable blackjack and craps run with Brady, who lost every other time he touched a card. The hot tub was just right. Lucky Robin!

Cory's Bachelor Party 2010
Cory's bachelor party in Vegas

Lukas's bachelor party was in Cooperstown in mid-April. This did not prevent it from snowing. Fortunately, we stayed in a warm cabin where we played cards and cooked hamburgers in the oven and drank beers. There were several bear sightings, as well as statues of Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and James Fenimore Cooper. Lucky Sarah!

Lukas's Bachelor Party 2010
Lukas's bachelor party in Cooperstown, NY

Jeff's bachelor party was in Palm Springs last weekend. Mostly, we stayed in a palatial estate hurting each other and ourselves with water balloons and kegs and bacon explosions. Everyday it was cloudless and sunny. Several people fell asleep in the pool. Only once did we venture into town, where we scared everybody. Lucky Inga!

Jeff's Bachelor Party 2010
Jeff's bachelor party in Palm Springs

Fun with numbers!

Personal round-trip bachelor miles logged: 10,962

Average day-time temperature in Palm Springs: 95

Average day-time temperature in Cooperstown: 30

Total pounds of steak cooked Friday night: 18

Total bachelor party attendees: 17

Total dune buggies rented: 13

Personal wins betting on teams named "Bears" in 4 games: 4

Bachelor parties attended by Brady and Cory: 3

Bachelor parties attended by Briggs and Jeff: 2

Total grills burned into ground: 1

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Robin said...

Go Bears! Go Bear Soup!

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