Monday, May 10, 2010

Time with Friends 2010

Somehow, despite working 100 hours in just over a week, I have still made time for friends. I hope you understand how much I love you all.

I had dinner with some of my closest friends from law school:

Dinner at Choptank with UVA Friends 2010

I went out with Michele to watch and celebrate her movie for New York Film Race:

New York Film Race Celebration 2010

Kevin and I had brunch with Christina and her husband Dan (Brooklyn Festival):

Court Street Brooklyn Festival 2010

Then things got really crazy at work... Kevin's friend Jeff M and Brady visited but I couldn't go out with them. Trey stayed with us for the second time where I was not able to spend any time with him. Though I had a breakfast bagels with all of them before their departures. And the entire weekend that I spent at Ash's place, I spent doing work. But at least we got to hang out and watch at least one Lifetime movie, which we watched in a completely un-ironic way.

What have you done lately to make time for friends or family?

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