Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January Family Day 2017

It was cold on Saturday so we took the kids to the library which they enjoy. We checked out a Martin Luther King, Jr book, the movie Wreck-It Ralph, and the kids played with the toys and kindles at the library. (Yes, even though they have kindles at home.)

Family Day - Jan 2017
Miranda with My Little Pony, James with crown

Family Day - Jan 2017 
James checking out more toys

Family Day - Jan 2017
Playing Toca World or something

Then we took the kids for hot chocolate and cookies at Tiger Lily. James, Miranda, and I each picked out a cookie using the display case, but when the cookies arrived they wanted mine instead, so I let them share mine and the second most edible one. The inedible sugar cookie was probably forgotten in the diaper bag.

Family Day - Jan 2017
Kevin using spare change to buy cookies because they don't take debit cards.

Family Day - Jan 2017
Me, pouting, because I chose my children's happiness over my own.
#guilt trip

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