Wednesday, January 25, 2017

James Made a Scavenger Hunt 2017

While Kevin was away at Boys' Weekend, the kids and I had a pretty good time at home. The best though was that James made a scavenger hunt for me. It was completely his idea and execution. I was so surprised when I found the clues and it all worked!

Scavenger Hunt 2017 
Found the first one where I couldn't miss it- by my computer. 

Scavenger Hunt 2017 
Found the next one in the shoe basket in hall...

Scavenger Hunt 2017 
Under the bathroom stool...

Scavenger Hunt 2017 
I had to look in all the beds. 

Scavenger Hunt 2017 
Found the last one in the guest bed.

Scavenger Hunt 2017
I asked James to pose with his last clue. So cute!


Kathy said...

Love this!

Ericka said...

I was so excited!

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