Monday, August 15, 2016

Brunch with Sarah, Donald, and Kids 2016

We met Sarah, Donald, William, and Robert for brunch at the Green Pig Bistro. So delicious! I was excited to see the whole family together. I saw Sarah, William, and Robert shortly after Robert was born, but I visited on a weekday so I'd missed Donald. The four of them are the cutest and I kind of failed to capture the magnitude of the cuteness in my photos. Next time I'm making you guys pose.

Brunch with Sarah and Donald 2016
Law school besties- I'm probably texting her as you read this.

Brunch with Sarah and Donald 2016
See what happens when I don't say "Say cheese!"? But they're still the cutest.

Brunch with Sarah and Donald 2016
We were posing though that didn't stop Miranda from frowning on purpose.

Sarah is a foodie, so the food was all very delicious. And I was impressed that both DOnald and Sarah got the super chicken with waffle. It looked epic. The boys were all perfect little gentlemen at brunch. Miranda sat on the floor and pouted and refused to eat anything several times before eating everything.

Brunch with Sarah and Donald 2016
Delicious brunch joy!

Brunch with Sarah and Donald 2016
We trapped her in here.

Love you guys!

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