Thursday, March 3, 2016

Michele Bachelorette Brunch 2016

We had so much fun during our weekend in Richmond celebrating Michele's bachelorette fun, that I had to separate it into multiple posts. I started counting all the fun things we did, and Friday through Saturday was #1-29:

On Sunday, I got to sleep in again (very exciting for me, you guys). (#30) When I woke up I saw my wrist and thought- OH MY WHAT IS THAT? It was the bachelorette temporary tattoo from the night before. (#31) Haha. Ash, Angela, and I walked over to Captain Buzzy's Beanery so as not to wake Michele. (#32) Then we walked over to Libby Hill Park to check out the view and drink our coffees, or in Ash's case a dirty dirty chai. She'll never sleep again. (#33) When we came back Michele was up and ready so had group hug time. (#34) It was on the agenda even before we got there because she and Karen were recently passengers in a car accident and got concussions.

Michi Brunch 2016
Going clockwise from bride: Michele, Tara, Kate, Susan, Angela, Ash, me, 
Hannah, Anne, Kristen, Karen, and Emily

For the highlight of Michele's bachelorette weekend we did the The Jefferson Hotel's Sunday Champagne Brunch. It's a Richmond tradition. (#35) It's an understatement to say I loved it. It's probably responsible for 2 of the 4 pounds I gained while I was in Richmond for 48 hours. Michele had wore a super cute outfit, which Hannah made even cuter with a little veil and boa.  (#36)

Michi Brunch 2016
Emily, Michele, and Tara

Emily is Michele's sister-in-law and she told us the family tradition of telling fun little stories about the person who is having a big day. It was a great idea and helped us all get to know each other better. It's clear that Michele has super amazing friends (with exceptionally nice hair) and that they all love her like crazy. (#37)

Can we talk about the food for a second? The Sunday Brunch had buffet tables downstairs with breakfast, lunch, and dessert foods. There were: eggs benedict, sausage, bacon, Three Cheese Grits (you had me at grits- #38), Potatoes, french toast, an omelet station, and a waffle station. They also had smoked salmon, shrimp, oysters on the half shell and a bunch of meat dishes including some Indian food flavored pork thing. Obviously I only tried some of these things. Dessert was another story. I had all the desserts- well at least a few bites: chocolate truffle torte, chocolate cake, cheese cakes, tarts , toasted almond torte, pecan bourbon torte, creme brulee, and some mini cupcakes including red devil and peanut butter cupcakes. (#39)

Michi Brunch 2016
Buffet tables and guest seating on lower level

Michi Brunch 2016
Music by the Randall Pharr Trio (#40)

In addition to the food, there was bottomless champagne and orange juice which many of us used to create our own mimosas. (#41) Also, Ash I took a billion failed panoramic shots of the table-- this might be directly related to #41. (#42) 

Michi Brunch 2016
8/12 people

Michi Brunch 2016

Michi Brunch 2016
10/12 and a very distorted Ash, panorama fail.

When brunch was over, Michele had little party gifts for those of us who couldn't come back for the rescheduled shower. (#43) We walked though the beautiful lobby of the hotel where they also do afternoon tea, and then we took some more pictures outside the hotel, because that's how we roll. (#44)

Michi Brunch 2016
Susan, Kate, Hannah, Michele in the lobby

 Michi Brunch 2016
Michele and Kate outside the hotel

We got spoiled on beautiful Richmond on this trip. In addition to going to Libby Hill Park in the morning, Michele, Hannah, Ash, and I went for a walk through Jefferson Park in the afternoon. (#45) Obviously we took more pictures- made impossible and hilarious by high wind conditions. (#46)

Richmond, VA 2016
Libby Hill Park in the morning

Richmond, VA 2016
Me, Michele and Ash at Jefferson Park

We went to say goodbye to Arthur, Emily, and Avery before they left to go home. Did I mention how adorable and cute Avery is? (#47) Finally Michele dropped us off at the airport - we had more group hugs- and Michele went off to get her pending manicure from the day before. (#48) Despite the fact that Ash and I got to the airport ridiculously early, we went to charge my phone at another gate and almost missed our flight. But we didn't yay! (#49)

It was a great trip! We had so much fun!! But the BEST PART was that no one got a concussion!!! (#50)

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