Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Candice, Tim, and Cora 2016

Candice is my friend from college, so I've known her for about 17 years. After college, we both moved around a lot, so we weren't often in the same state. We met up in New York more years ago than I care to recall, so when I found out that she's temporarily in Richmond from Facebook so I reached out to meet up while I was there. I was super excited to see her, Tim and their 10-month-old daughter Cora. I probably first met Tim 13 years ago or so and he's always been super nice. It's so great to see them being terrific parents together. Cora is such a fun little combo of them and she's such a relaxed little baby. (She goes to restaurants! My kids were nightmares in restaurants.)

Richmond, VA 2016
Candice, me, Cora (photo by Cora)

We dropped Tim off at his friend's birthday celebration which started at Stone Brewery, and then Candice, Cora, and I went back to Proper Pie near where we started. They serve these delicious individual-size pies and we both got the barbecue and peach pie. Yes. Eat that if you get the chance!

It was so fun hanging out. I got to hold and play with Cora, and Candice and I had tons to catch up on and talk about- work, motherhood, our significant others. We're both in very similar places and it was really nice to relate, and agree, and for me, it was wonderful to see Candice as happy as I've ever seen her. Hope to see you guys again soon!

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