Saturday, May 16, 2015

KonMari- Komono 2015

Komono is KonMari's word for miscellaneous items. She breaks it down a little, but really you just have to sort of walk around collecting like items. For the most part, I do keep like stuff together, but I definitely had some spare bath items in the guest room for guests, and I had office stuff in several places.

Before I even read this book I had already cleaned out all the junk in the bathroom. Our junk drawer had mostly stuff we used. But I went back and threw out some more stuff out of the bathroom. My make up is now just the bag I use everyday plus a few extra lipsticks. The extra guest stuff is just a few items people might actually use. Anything that was really old and probably expired I threw out.

KonMari- Komono 2015
Guest basket

On another day I looked for extra items in the kitchen. We still have too many wine and champagne glasses, but we do break them sometimes, so for now we'll keep some extra. The pantry only took like 3 hours although they were a very tiring 3 hours, so that's all I did that day. The pantry was full of surprises and excess! I did most of the office the day I did paper, but I should probably revisit that.

KonMari- Komono 2015
Improved pantry.

Some of the random stuff is not mine, but Kevin's. I tried to just sort of push them together so they looked better, but sometimes, I casually mentioned them to Kevin. I stressed that he did not have to get rid of anything, but sometimes he did reduce a little here and there if it didn't spark joy.

I need to go through each room again looking for the random stuff, but for now, I'm a little bored with komono. I know I have a lot of stuff in the mementos and photos category so I'm working on that now.

In the meanwhile, the next two posts are KonMari- Kids' Clothing and KonMari- Kids' Toys. I know that a lot of you are especially lost with those. Feel free to post questions so I can answer them. Not that I'm an expert obviously, but I've wrestled with the problem and come up with some solutions that work for us.

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