Monday, May 4, 2015

KonMari- Clothes 2015

So I finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on March 17th, but I finished eliminating and organizing my clothing, purses, and jewelry before that, on March 16th because I could not wait! I also cleared out my bedroom of all the stuff that didn't belong there, and cleared off my bedroom desk. The entire bedroom is such a pleasure to relax in now, and I regularly use the scented relaxation oils Ash gave me in a diffuser that Grandma Kathy gave me.

I wish I had taken a before picture, but it actually would have been a lot of pictures. First of all, I regularly donate clothing with no success in actually reducing the total number of pieces of clothing. I even tried "1 in and 1 out." I assumed the clothing was actually breeding more crappy Old Navy shirts when I was sleeping.

Despite my attempts to regularly donate clothing, I had clothes in half the closet in our bedroom, the bedroom drawers, my night table, half the closet in the living room, a closet upstairs, and maybe 3-4 plastic tubs for out-of-season clothing and other clothing that didn't fit.* After my KonMari purge all my stuff is folded in two big drawers (the hallmark of the KonMari method), three small drawers (2 are in my nighttable) and a few items in my closet!

Konmari-clothes 2015
Shirts in front, light sweaters in back

Konmari-clothes 2015
Dresses in front, accessories in the back

Konmari-clothes 2015
The pièce de résistance- My half of the closet

My half of the closet seems huge now! It has the clothing that doesn't fold well (five suits and some pants), my bulky sweaters, shoes (on the other side of the white hanging shelves, purses, and hats. I've actually gotten rid of a few more things since I took this picture in March because I realized I still had an overabundance of clothing.

The biggest change for me has been following the rule not to store seasonal clothing out of sight. It's been so convenient- especially this season with very schizophrenic weather. But also, I've been considering adopting the dress and thick tights look to make more use out of the clothing I love the best- my dresses.

Also, I have to admit I still kept too much clothing and broke some of the rules. For example I downgraded a few shirts to loungewear. But that was in March and since then I've achieved a little more clarity, and as a result I've gotten rid of some more clothing. And I actually still have more than I need/like. But I'm getting better as I accept that she's right about almost everything she suggests.

Not from the KonMari Method: One thing I've done is instead of lining up my folded clothes by color (as advised by Kondo), is that I put everything that comes out of the wash on the left side of the drawer. When I go to get dressed I look at the right side first (you could flip this obviously). If I pull something out of the right, and don't want to wear it, I ask myself, "Do I just not like this shirt at all? Is that the actual problem here?" If so, it goes off to the donation bag in my (now empty-ish) closet.

Importantly, it's also starting to change the way I buy (or don't buy stuff). I know crappy stuff will ultimately be a waste of money, so I'm looking for high-quality, classic, and seasonally-flexible stuff.

Seriously, even if you only clean out your clothing after reading this book, your $5 have been well-invested. I love my bedroom and closet set-up now. Love!

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* I'm done having babies, but I think it's totally legitimate to save different sizes and maternity clothing until you're done.

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