Sunday, November 20, 2016

Miranda is Two and Half 2016!

Miranda is two-and-a-half! A month ago... but you guys, it's hard to remember to do these things the second time around. Miranda has been chatting a lot more, even at Mommy n' me where she used to be so shy she wouldn't talk or sing.

1. What's your name? Firanda. What? Viranda.
2. What's my name? Mama
3. How old are you? Miranda. Are you two? Yeah. Are you three? Yeah.
4. How old am I? Mama. (Same answer as six months ago.)

5. What is your favorite animal? Pink elephant on my head.
6. What is your favorite color? Pink. I mean purple and pink. Purple and pink.
7. What is your favorite food? Nanas and treats. (Bananas and treats.)
   What's your favorite breakfast? Dirt.
   What's your favorite dinner? Dirt.

8. What is your favorite book? Pink. (She does have a bunch of pink books she carries around because of their pinkness. She also loves her Dora Princess book.)

October 2016
Who me?

October 2016
Miranda loves driving at 2.5 years old

9. What is your favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

10. What is your favorite toy? Bunny and babies.

11. Do you sleep with anything at night? Milk and books. (This is true, but I take them out of crib when she falls asleep.)

12. What is your favorite TVshow? Big Friend. (True. She also likes Goldie and Bear, Masha and Bear, and Lego Ghostbusters.)

13. What were you for Halloween? DocMcStuffins!

14. Are you funny? Yes.

15. Who is your best friend? The bunny and the babies.

As you can see from some of her answers, Miranda wasn't terribly cooperative this time around so I couldn't ask her about her thoughts on the meaning of life like at her 2-year-old interview.

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