Thursday, October 16, 2014

Atlanta with Chrissy and Allison 2014

We went to Atlanta! Chrissy has been nursing Owen back to health since April 2013, so she was overdue for some relaxation and girl bonding time. Coordinating was a little tricky but Allison, Chrissy, and I could all get a direct flight to Atlanta, so off we went!

Atlanta, GA 2014
Allison, me, and Chrissy- together!

We decided to stay in the Buckhead area close to our hotel to make the best use of our 36 hours together. Allison and Chrissy arrived before I did on Friday so they had dinner at Cook Hall and drink on the patio, and when I got in we had drinks in the W's lobby, affectionately called "The Living Room." We were off to a good start. 

First order of business the next morning was sleeping in late. This was super exciting for me, and I suspect for Chrissy too since she also has two kids. Allison was an angel and kept quiet for as long as she could handle and then ran out to get us coffee and breakfast goodies. Also, we had to Facetime with all our husbands and kids before we got going, which was actually pretty fun as we crossed over into each other's conversations and Allison and I got to see Owen, Hailey, Jason, and Dan, and vice versa with all our families.

So we missed brunch where we were going to go, it was late and the place was overrun with football fans. But we did a little walking tour of Buckhead and a local Uber cab driver recommended a place to us. It turned out to be one of the best tapas place in Atlanta, Eclipse di Luna, and the music was all Cuban salsa. We were beyond pleased.

Atlanta, GA 2014
Allison and Chrissy with a Palm Tree hat at Eclipse di Luna

Somehow we ended up at the mall which was not the original plan, but it kept us out of the rain. Allison and Chrissy had big frozen yogurts and I saw my first ever cupcake ATM. I almost took a picture of it, but it's one of those things... it looked like a pink ATM, the picture wouldn't do justice to the genius of the idea.

It was time for more lazing about. We went to check out the hotel pool, but the people there were all quiet and intense, and we're loud and relaxed so we passed. We sort of nap-rested, which was necessary after sleeping in(!) and then got ready for dinner.

Atlanta, GA 2014
Buckhead Diner- Actually an upscale restaurant

We had dinner at the Buckhead Diner which does look a diner from the outside- and how appropropriate to our Jersey roots!- but is actually an upscale restaurant on the inside. Apparently, celebrities are seen there all the time, but we didn't see any. So we pretended with the celebrity photo wall. And we had lots of delicious food and drinks.

Atlanta, GA 2014
Chrissy, Billy Crystal, and me

We walked to and from dinner, so I'm sure we burned off all the calories from dinner and our after party. Right? We went to Whiskey Blue which ended up being kind of clubby bar with nice views of Atlanta on its porch. We even made some friends. Then it was back to Cook Hall so we could sit on the patio and have loud inappropriate conversations by ourselves. Definitely some quality bonding! Time to plan our 2015 getaway!

Atlanta, GA 2014
Porch at Whiskey Blue Bar- tried and failed to get Atlanta's skyline in the picture

Happy birthday, Chrissy!


Chris said...

What a fun weekend!!! So glad we could all make it work!

Ericka said...

Yes, time to start planning next year's trip!

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