Monday, October 27, 2014

James is 3.5 Years Old 2014

The last six months have been huge for James! He got a sister on his birthday. He successfully potty-trained. He started nursery school in the fall. He got a (non-grandma) babysitter a few weeks ago.

He can spell his name, Mama, and Dada, but Miranda is tricky! He likes to watch and help me cook. He even picks out his own clothing in the morning now, though pulling on socks is still "too hard." Mind you he can also turn on the TV, cable, and Kindle, but the socks thing... no too much! He helps me find stuff and grabs things for Miranda. Today, he decided on his own to go into the refrigerator and find Miranda's teething ring for her. He announces on a daily basis that he loves me so much. We love you too James! So so so so so much!

Here are some fun James pictures and quotes.

James- April 2014
Handsome on a horse!

James & Miranda- May 2014
Kissing his 10-day old sister. (Cute overload!)

James- May 2014

 A Day in the Life 2014
Still rocking the doggie towel.

Naptime- August 2014
One of his last documented naps.

Aug 18:
J: Why are Mama and Dada the boss?
E: Because we're older than you and we made you.
J: Why are you older than me and make me?
E: I was born before you, so I know more. I was born 32 years before you! We won't always be the boss, but we are for the next 19 years or so.
J: I have apple stuck in my teeth.
E: Okay.
J: Why Mama and Dad older than me and make me?
E: We thought it would be awesome to have a little boy, and it is.
J: I got the apple out.

Visiting McLeods- Aug 2014
Imagination playground joy

James at Stony Brook 2014
At work with Dada

August 2014
Helping me cook

Grandma Visit- Aug 2014
Riding a bike with Grandma

September 2:
J: Mama is 35.
E: That's right! Can you count to 35?
J: No.
E: Let's do it together.
E & J: .... 18, 19, 20 ...
J: 35!
E: Haha, no, I wish.

First Day of School 2014
First day of school

September 17:
E: Do you know how you say, "I love you" in Spanish?
J: How?
E: Te quiero.
J: Thank you?
E: No. Te quiero.
J: Thank you!

September 2014
Washing his hands after going potty by himself

Windy Acres Farm 2014
Pretending to be a train conductor (and so happy to be at this park!)

September 28:
E: I eat you up! I gobble you up!
J: I eat so many apples, I turn into an apple. You eat me up!

October 2014
Building a mobile castle (Take that, Crannogmen.)

October 15:
E: Who do you think loves Miranda more, me or Dada?
J: I do!

October 2014
With his new best friend, Miranda

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