Thursday, February 27, 2014

Girls' Weekend in DC 2014

You guys, I am so pregnant and tired (8 months today!) that I can't write a proper post, but I had a lovely time with some of my college friends at Girls' Weekend Saturday and Sunday. (I only wish I had time to see all the new and not-so-new babies in the DC metro area- next time!

Girls' Weekend 2014
Laurie, Christina, Ash, Megan, Janice, me

Christina and I took Amtrak to DC which was quite the adventure for me in itself since last time I took the train was in 2004 (DC to Boston for the Democratic Convention). The train is over-priced but a much better way for a pregnant lady to travel than the bus (and probably better than flying too).  Christina and I had a lot of extra time to hang out, and used it mainly to repeat stories and snack. Haha.
  2014-02-22 Trip to DC
Clockwise from top: on train, me inside Union Station, Christina outside it 

Ash and Janice picked us up and our first stop was lunch in Shirlington with Megan. We went to T.H.A.I. I think I've been there before and it's yummy as always.

Girls' Weekend 2014.
Megan and Christina at T.H.A.I.

Girls' Weekend 2014
Ash, me, and Janice at T.H.A.I

We had a lot of time to kill before dinner and it was unseasonable warm out so we grabbed some flip flops and got pedicures. Usually I go most of the cold part of the winter without one and it's not pretty. Especially since I can't even reach my feet right now!

Girls' Weekend 2014
This picture reminds me of a scene in Sex in the City, but we're nothing like the characters

Finally it was time for dinner. Laurie made reservations for us at Le Diplomate, and I really enjoyed it. Everything was delicious, and there was a somewhat casual atmosphere that made it really comfortable to be there. We all tried everyone else's food so I can say confidently that everything is good.

Girls' Weekend 2014
At dinner on Saturday

Girls' Weekend 2014
Outside Le Diplomate on Q Street

Laurie hosted us for brunch on Sunday, which was not only super nice but also super tasty. We had delicious quiche,waffles, and lots of fruit and fixings. We also had some of the more meaningful and also the weirdest conversation at brunch.  Long live Girls' Weekend!

Girls' Weekend 2014
Laurie making waffles

Girls' Weekend 2014
Digging in!

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