Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Visiting Allison, Dan, and Coco 2010

We planned a trip to visit my friends Allison, Dan, and their puppy Coco a while ago before we knew about my dad's cancer. It turns out my parents don't want us visiting them every single weekend, and my dad's treatments haven't started yet, so we decided to keep our date in Boston.

We had a lovely low-key weekend. Allison made us fruit crepes for breakfast. Then we strolled through Boston Common-- Coco's first time there! We ate all our meals in Brookline. We had the best tacos ever at Dorado's for lunch, and a nice quiet dinner at American Craft, followed by my favorite- ice cream. Kevin and I also took a little drive around while our hosts were resting up. During the drive we went to the Allston neighborhood and to The Sevens, a bar on Beacon Hill where many of Kevin's friends behaved badly before I met him. I know, all my trips lately are all about friends and food and almost nothing else, but I promise that we did tons of walking around and enjoying the sunshine and wonderful cool weather.

Visiting Allison and Dan 2010
In Boston Common with Coco's family

Boston 2010
Me and Kevin in Boston Common, four years since we met!

Boston 2010
Boston Common


S.I.F. said...

I've only ever been to Boston in the winter time, and it looks so much more beautiful in your pictures than it did then!

Glad you had a good weekend lady!

Chris, Jason & Owen said...

Hope you had a fun weekend in Boston - looks like it was! Would be so fun for us all to hang out again. Allison's wedding for sure. (: x

Allison said...

Who's up for a weekend of chili and football in Cincy this winter??

we are!

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