Monday, December 5, 2016

Ear Infections 2016

Kids had a little cold early in the month. Then they started getting sick again right before Thanksgiving, around the 22nd. James had a light fever and sinus stuff, but James was off from school anyway for a few days. Miranda just had sinus stuff. James seemed better by Monday, and didn't have any problem at school Monday or Tuesday, but on Wednesday the school nurse called us because James was complaining of ear pain. Off to the doctor they both went.

December 2016
December 1, Wednesday at doctor

James had an ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics. Miranda had two good ears. Neither kid had a fever so they got flu shots while they were there. (Continuing our perfect flu shot record since at least 2010.)

Thursday was a half day, and Friday was no school because of parent-teacher conferences. So the kids scored 4 days at home together in a row ... again (like Thanksgiving).

November 2016 
James is miserable, Miranda is snuggly.

Despite Miranda's ears being "perfect" on Wednesday, Saturday night she woke up screaming with ear pain. She refused to take any pain medication for an hour so that was fun too. Sunday she went to urgent care and got her own antibiotic prescription for an ear infection. Fun!

December 2016
Miranda feeling sick and dramatic at urgent care

James was better before Monday. Miranda is still working on it.

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