Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pokemon with Adam and Colleen 2016

Okay, so I've been playing Pokemon Go since July 11, about a week after it was released in the US. It's not the big time waster that people assume it is because you have to walk to play so it overlaps with the time I spent walking and exercising before. The thing that makes it a bit of a time-waster is that now it's harder for me to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while walking.

One problem is that there are no "pokestops" (not to be confused with "gyms") anywhere near my house. You need the things you collect from pokestops- such as pokeballs- to catch the Pokemon. I tried to walk to the closest ones and they are way too far. Also, there aren't a lot of sidewalks in my neighborhood so it's not super safe to be focused on my phone while I'm walking.

Adam and Colleen offered to take me with them to the park nearby where there are a ton of stops around a walking track. I had so much fun! I had great company, we got exercise, and the track was full of other locals playing. We were all talking to each other and would randomly run to catch a Pokemon or to tell other people where to catch one. A bit ridiculous, but very fun.

Heritage Center 2016
The park- I'm the mean mom that went without my kids, haha.

Pokemon 2016
The virtual version of the park.

Pokemon 2016
This was our big catch of the night!

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