Monday, June 27, 2016

James's Last Week of PreK 2016

The last week was "Spirit Week" and included the following activities:

Crazy Hair Day 2016
Monday was "Crazy Hair Day."

Pre-K Spirit Week 2016
Tuesday was "Costume Day."

Costume Day 2016
With Emma (Anna) and Ellie (Elsa) and Pirate James

Pre-K Spirit Week 2016
Wednesday was "Field Day." They were supposed to wear a sports shirt.

Pre-K Spirit Week 2016
At school they changed into their Team Shirts for their competitions.
Back row: Lyla, Cora, Miss Tasha, Lexi, Ellie
Front row: Emma, Natalia, Rebecca, Mylah, Dillon, and James

Thursday was the event I had been waiting all year for!! PreK Prom! With music and dancing! We spent like $50 on shoes for James and Miranda and James wanted to leave as soon as we got there. He said he "felt shy." He has never in his 5 years, ever felt shy before. Okay.

PreK Prom 2016
A little Pre-Prom dancing on our lawn

PreK Prom 2016
The entrance

PreK Prom 2016
Lyla and James

PreK Prom 2016
James and Dillon

PreK Prom 2016
Lyla, Dillon, and Lexi dancing

PreK Prom 2016
Group picture! Dillon, Lexi, Rebecca, Lyla, James (background Mylah)

Finally, Spirit Week came to an end, and so did PreSchool. I loved his school and I'll miss it so much!

June 2016
Friday was Beach Day! Last Day!
Ready for summer!!

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