Friday, May 27, 2016

Shinjuku Night and Earthquake, Tokyo 2016

After the show on Monday, we went to dinner in Shinjuku. Kevin had looked up some ramen recommendations so we went to Fuunji. Probably we should have gotten the tsukemen (the dipping noodles) instead because that's what they're most known for, but we got the ramen. We ordered the special ramen from a vending machine by the entrance and then gave our tickets to the chef when we sat down at the bar. Everyone sits at the bar and we decided not to wait for three seats together so Andrew- who eats ramen like a Japanese man now- volunteered to sit by himself and was done in half the time it took us.

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016>
Kevin and me in Shinjuku

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016
Fuunji Restaurant

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016
Vending machine choices

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016
Eating my ramen at the bar

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016
I also got extra seaweed and an egg

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016
Kevin ordered different ingredients

After dinner, we coordinated with Chow via Line App to meet up with him and his wife Marci at a little hidden fancy bar called Ben Fiddich (ベンフィディック pronounced in Japanese Ben Fi-dick). It was a cool bar and it was really fun to chat with them for awhile. Everybody ordered delicious whiskeys.

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016<
Chow and Marci on their honeymoon!

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016
Discussing whiskey choices

Then the room started shaking. I asked tentatively if we were having an earthquake. No one seemed worried except me. I was very worried. Then everyone's cellphones started beeping with an earthquake alert. Um, too late. We were on the 9th floor and the buildings are built to bend and not break so it felt very real. It was a 5.6 on the Richter Scale. So that happened.

Shinjuku, Tokyo 2016

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