Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visiting Sarah and Donald in Michigan 2010

After our wonderful airline experience, already documented by Kevin, the fun began in Ann Arbor. First and most importantly, Sarah, Donald, Kevin and I went to worship the Sandwich at Zingerman's. The Zingerman Reuben, on French bread (a Sarah-substitution) was divine. It was so good that it reminded me of Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich in Montreal.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 2010
Sarah and I outside of Zingerman's

We walked up and down Main Street and State Street, checking out the Farmer's Market. We walked around the campus and the law school.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 2010
Ann Arbor Farmer's Market

Ann Arbor, Michigan 2010
Michigan Law School courtyard
As you know, Sarah and Donald are engaged and they are getting married through the Catholic Church, so we also swung by the Ann Arbor church where they are taking their pre-marriage classes.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 2010
Their Michigan church
Back at their house, I got to see Donald's Supreme Court Clerkship offer letter from Justice Scalia. I thought about taking a picture of it, but somehow that seemed weird.

For dinner, we had Indian at Shalimar's Restaurant. I ate chicken korma for the first time ever. Then we went home to relax and watch the History Channel. Watching the History Channel, is, afterall, how Sarah and Donald got engaged in the first place. Since eating is one of our favorite things to do together, we started the next day with breakfast at Afternoon Delight. Again, I had something I had never eaten before, cheese blintz. Who knew Ann Arbor would be such a culinary adventure?

Sarah and Donald have long been soccer fans, and Kevin and I enjoy the World Cup so we were all excited to watch the final together. We were all rooting for Spain (and even attempted to buy matching Spain shirts- but failed) and Donald invited a few clerk-friends to join us, one of whom was rooting for the nasty cheating Netherlands. I am particularly supportive of Xabi Alonso because we share a last name, and De Jong from the Netherlands kung-fu kicked him square in the chest. It was hard to imagine how it could have been a mistake. Thus, Spain victory was doubly sweet.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Donald and Sarah!

Ann Arbor, Michigan 2010
At The Arena sports bar, watching the World Cup

Ann Arbor, Michigan 2010
Hooray! Spain wins!

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S.I.F. said...

That farmers market looks incredible! I really wish we had a GREAT farmers market up here in Alaska....

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