Friday, April 30, 2010

Busy Weekends 2010

It's been very busy for Kevin and me. The two of us work all the time. Even though we have very different jobs, we seem to work the same amount. Everyone knows I'm supposed to work a lot, but Kevin teaches a number of classes, so he's always either grading or writing short stories. But we still had time to have a little fun this weekend.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and the perfect day to go look at apartments in Long Island. Afterward we walked around and had lunch in a park near the apartment.

FloPa 2011

Then that evening, Kevin went out to dinner at Keens with the guys, and his friend Jeff M from California and Brady stayed over. That set us up perfectly for Sunday morning hangover bagels. The decade that I lived outside the New York-area, I missed bagels the most. I definitely do not take them for granted now.

Speaking of New York, we also found out this weekend that Briggs got a fellowship to finish his dissertation in New York! Congratulations! Can't wait until you join us.

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