Friday, November 28, 2014

Jackie's Birthday 2014

Two amazing things happened! First, Jackie's birthday oftentimes falls during Thanksgiving and/or when I am super pregnant. Neither of these things were true this year so I was super excited to celebrate her birthday!

November 2014
Me, Jackie, unicorn balloon, and invisible fairy that ruined the picture

November 2014
Jackie's nieces are child models! Really!

The second thing is that I actually went out at all! It's been tough going out because Miranda relies heavily on me. She takes a bottle now, but she also still nurses and she prefers the latter at night. Kevin was brave, so I left at dinner time so I could pick up a little gift for Jackie. She's been photographing "Lego Jackie" and "Lego Rob" around town so I went to the Lego store to get her some Lego hair that looks like her real hair.

November 2014
The Lego Store is amazing.

November 2014
New Lego Jackie head

Lego Rob and Jackie Honeymoon
Lego Rob and Jackie left on their honeymoon!

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