Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chrissy and Jason's 5th Wedding Anniversary 2014

Chrissy and Jason got married right before we started the blog, so I didn't have the opportunity to write about their wedding. Today they celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary! They've been through so much in 5 years, that I can't think of a couple more deserving of happiness.

The wedding was in New Jersey where Chrissy and I grew up. The morning of their wedding everyone in the wedding party got ready at Chrissy's childhood home. Allison took these beautiful pictures of them there.

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
Chrissy and her mom Maureen- pure happiness and love

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
Jason with his mother

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
Chrissy and her sister Gwen

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
Gwen and her son Matthew who's so big now!

They got married in Chrissy's childhood Lutheran church. Growing up, Chrissy and her family went almost every Sunday, and I even had the pleasure of going with them one day when I was in high school. The church was a welcoming community, and Chrissy's family's spiritual home.

Married! Walking up the aisle after their wedding- so happy!

The reception was just outside of our hometown. Chrissy and Jason met while getting their MBAs at the London Business School, and they lived in London for a few years after graduation so the tables were all named for locations in London. And the people at the tables themselves came from all around the country and the world. It was one big Euro-Jersey party.

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
The ladies from our hometown at the wedding

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
Showing her new wedding band to her college friends

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
Cutting the cake

Vonderhaar Wedding 2009
Our besties table

Since they got married, they've been blessed with two beautiful children, Owen and Hailey, and they've been amazing parents. They moved back to the states in 2010, and shortly after they lost Chrissy's wonderful mother to cancer. They were still reeling from the tremendous loss, when early this year their son Owen was diagnosed with cancer. They've been really amazing and selfless in their struggle to cure him, and they've made amazing progress. He still has 10 months of treatment ahead of him, but he's currently doing really well with no visible cancer.

Happy Anniversary! I hope 2014 brings you amazing health and happiness!

2012 12 Vondy IMG_3120
Chrissy, Jason, Owen, and Hailey, December 2012

2013 10 Owen and Hailey
Owen and Hailey, October 2013

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