Friday, January 7, 2011

Anna and Mike's 5th Wedding Anniversary 2011

Happy anniversary to Anna and Mike! Five years of love and happiness plus two darling daughters and a third on the way! Congratulations!

Shaw Wedding 2006
Anna and Mike's Wedding in 2006, with Cathy and Mike St.

Anna converted to Catholicism before she married Mike, so they had a traditional Catholic ceremony in January of 2006. Anna looked radiant and beautiful.  She worked with Cathy when she was dating Mike and sometimes the three of us would go to lunch during the workweek. She talked a lot about how she and Mike had dated a long time, and how rock-solid in her commitment to him.

Shaw Wedding 2006
Anna and Mike outside the church

I still remember how much I loved their small intimate reception at a family-style restaurant.  I felt so honored to be among the small group of guests.  And because the wedding was so small, I got to spend a lot of time with the bride at her wedding, something that rarely happens.

Shaw Wedding 2006
Ha! You can see me and Cathy taking photos in the top left corner.

Shaw Wedding 2006
Cathy, Anna, and me- having a really nice time together.

Shaw Wedding 2006
The gorgeous Lucas sisters in 2006: Allison, Kate, and Anna!

And in 2011 there will be three beautiful Shaw sisters! (#3 due in March)

Clouther Wedding 2009
Mike, Anna, Abigail, and baby Lydia at our wedding in 2009- Love you guys!

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