Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Wedding Reception 2009

Our reception began at 7 p.m. in the Nantucket Room of the Wychmere Harbor Club. Our first married was dance to Sea of Love, a 1950s love song.  It was originally by John Phillip Baptiste (a.k.a. Phil Phillips) and George Khoury, but we danced to the Cat Power cover from her 2000 Covers album. We liked some other songs as well but found them impossible to dance to, and Sea of Love was on theme with our Cape Cod seashore wedding.

First dance dip!

Our table cards were recent photos of our wedding guests (I made them myself), and around the outside of the table we had our five sets of grandparents' wedding pictures.

Clouther Wedding 2009
Photo table cards

Our beautiful and simple Cape-Cod-beach-theme cake was one of the easiest wedding decisions. We both instantly agreed to get the cake the moment we saw it. We used my parents' cake knife set to cut the cake.

Feeding Kevin cake

The bouquet toss got the party really started:

Jen and Brooke go for the bouquet, and Brooke catches it

6-6-09 Kevin & Ericka's Wedding 138-1
Dancing to Beyoncé's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) right after the bouquet toss

Dancing with my grandmother to Celia Cruz; it's tough to beat these moments in life:

Dancing with Mima

My parents dancing to their own wedding song, Lionel Richie's Hello.

My parents are cute.

Jon won the worm-off with Paduch (it's like a dance-off, but you do the "worm":

Jon doing the worm

Our real song together was the last song at the wedding, Of Montreal's Wraith Pinned To The Mist, with the "bizarre celebrations" lyrics and a quick tempo. Kevin introduced me to the indie tune early in our relationship, and right away I knew I wanted it played at our wedding. The song captures what our relationship felt like when we started dating- a big wild happy party. One of the best moments in the reception was when the DJ played the song at the end and absolutely everyone at the wedding came out onto the dance floor and made the song come true. Thank you guys. I love you more than you could know.

Last dance of the wedding.

Off to our honeymoon in Greece!

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